Ways to Bring Your Family Closer TogetherWays to Bring Your Family Closer Together

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Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Together

Hello. My name is Madison Hope. I am married and have three children. Our children are ages twelve, fifteen, and seventeen. When the kids were younger, it was easy to plan family outings and have everyone be excited. These days, getting everyone excited about spending time as a family can be challenging. My husband and I, along with the kids, have come up with activities that everyone enjoys. We have also made agreements that in the case that one is not thrilled with something we are doing, they will come along and do their best to make the day a pleasant one. I am excited to share more about this with you. I hope you find our solutions to be beneficial.

Birth Mother Support after Adoption Placement

If you have an unplanned pregnancy and have give up your child for adoption, finding the right adoption agency to work with you through the process is key. Even if you are 100% sure of your decision, there will still be feelings and emotions you will have to work through after the adoption process is complete. Here are four things that you can do to help accept your situation and move on with your life after adoption is complete.

1. Give Yourself the Right to Grieve

If your child may be adopted internationally, this can make the process feel even more final. You have every right to grieve the loss of your child and shouldn't feel embarrassed to do so. You are suffering a loss and should try to find a way to memorialize this. Write a letter to your child explaining how you feel that you can keep, or find a keepsake to always remember your child through.

2. Long Term Support and Counseling

If the adoption agency that you are using offers up counseling during your pregnancy, see what is available when it comes to aftercare support. The lead up to giving birth can be an exciting and scary time, but after your child has been placed in adoption you may not know what to do with lingering emotions. Finding a support group with other birth mothers can help you work through emotions and can be helpful for years to come.

3. Postnatal Medical Care

After giving birth to your child, it is important to take advantage of any postnatal aftercare that is offered to you as the birth mother. Giving birth can be hard on the body both physically and mentally, and it is important to look out for yourself. Make sure that you can get your life back to normal with as few complications as possible.

4. Become a Mentor

You may want to share your adoption experience, the good and the bad, with other mothers thinking about adoption. This is a great way to give back to agencies that are working to place children with parents in need. You will have invaluable insights and background information for others placing their children in adoption since you have gone through this.

Focusing on the positive side of your adoption placement is important. Remember that you have helped out both a child and family in need, and you will never be forgotten. You have a right to look out for your own needs and well being after adoption and this is also an important step in the entire adoption process. For more information, talk to an international agency like Hope's Promise.